About Samaritan

An indie game company located in São Paulo, Brazil. It began operations in 2015 after the founders go through several other experiences in other projects and startups. The company’s goal is to develop original games with innovative features focusing on the world market.
Samaritan Studios

Our Team

Aubry Maciel - Profile

Aubry Maciel

Co-founder/Programming/Animations/2D Art

Works since 2002 as a developer of applications, web, mobile and also as a software architect.Fluent in various programming languages such as C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP, Lua, Javascript, C++ and Python. Experience with Unreal and Unity3D engines. Also responsible for animations and 2D arts creations.

Lucas Dib - Profile

Lucas Dib

Co-founder/Modeling/Level Designer/3D Art

Working with modeling since 2005. Responsible for level design process and 3D creations.


Luis Zimermann - Profile

Luis Zimermann

Sound Designer


Responsible for all sounds production, FXs and musics of Rise of Keepers.

Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes



Author of images used on our promotional material and some game loading screens.