About Rise of Keepers

A new game concept

Rise of Keepers (RoK) is a mix of the best Old School RPGs and Tower Defense games.
The idea behind RoK is to offer a new gameplay concept bringing together the best features of each game style.

In Rise of Keepers your main goal is to defend and level up the Crystal. You will face attacking waves coming from the four portals, that are activated in every time interval, but differently from the other tower defense games, you have to go out and explore the enviroment, cut trees for timber, mine rocks for stone, hunt animals for food, face enemies, open secret chests, loot, and finally build your defense towers using the collected resources.

The keepers

Before starting the game, you will choose your Keeper. Each Keeper has special skills, can build its own defense tower, as well as other structures that are common to all Keepers – teleportation stations, hunting traps, fishing equipment and other.
Each Keeper has 4 unique Skills and one of them is the Ultimante Skill that interacts directly with the Keeper’s Tower, making the game much more dynamic.

The level of the Keeper will follow the Crystal level. Each time the Crystal evolves, all allied Keepers evolve as well, and then you can unlock new abilities and improve their attributes.

Ranulf, Jade and Arthus are the first Keepers to become avaliable in the game. The first one avaliable is Arthus.

Key game features

  • Create - Create your own customized game on Challenge Editor. Share and play the community Custom Challenges.
  • Explore - Explore the world of RoK. Without the exploration you will probably fail.
  • Scavenge - Collect the natural resources and loot to get rare weapons and items.
  • Build - Using the natural resources you can build many types of structures to help you during the game.
  • The Keepers - Each Keeper will bring a entire new gameplay experience. Choosing a Keeper is a important decision once each Keeper has unique skills and a unique Defense Tower.
  • Defend - Keeping the Crystal in one piece is a key feature to be a winner in the game.
  • Fight - Using your skills and many type of weapons you can significantly improve the Crystal defense.

Explore a huge map

The RoK map is one of great things of the game. It’s huge and full of challenges and secrets. There you will find diferent enviroments like beachs, deserts, lakes, forests and rivers. Each enviroment will bring specific enemy types.
You also will find secret chests where you will find special weapons and other sort of items. To open these chests you have to defeat Legendary Enemies that drops the chest key.

RoK - Game Map


The Rise of Keepers focus is on the Cooperative matches. The multiplayer matches supports up to 5 players.
The coop is the best and more fun way to play Rise of Keepers. Each Keeper has unique abilities to offer and combining them the possibilities are unlimited.

*The RoK Multiplayer is a upcoming feature. Not yet avaliable..

Game story

In a very distant past three powerful wizards used their powers to create portals capable of carrying away the Earth evil beings to other dimensions.

These portals were very helpful and allowed humanity keep the land free of evil creatures and evil realms for several centuries.

The story of Rise of Keepers begins when Sellaran, an evil wizard found the treasures of Fimdor, one of the wizards who built the portals. Along with this treasure Sellaran found a strange and special stone, the Solaris stone. Having the powerful Solaris stone, Sellaran reverses the transport stream of portals, bringing the evil creatures from other dimensions to Earth. The Sellaran goal is to get the other two special stones. One is kept in the fiefdom of a traditional human family. If Sellaran have all the three special stones he will have immeasurable powers and may reign over all the earth.

Arthus is one of the last surviving warriors on Earth. Your responsibility is to protect the fiefdom of his family which keeps one of the special stones. He is a Templar and has great sword and short range fighting skills. Since boy got used to the battles to protect his family soon after losing his father early. There are rumors that the Arthus family is from Belgar wizard’s lineage, one of the three creators of portals, and that the stone was passed from generation to generation until it reaches the hands of Arthus.

Members of other families and even other races are joining Arthus in fighting evil on Earth defense.